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ZNF project closes, author critical of PHP 5

By Alessandro Rossini
on January 3, 2008

Alessandro Rossini recently announced the end of the development of the ZNF project, http://www.zeronotice.org. On the 11th of November, the version 0.7.10 of the PHP 5 framework was released, and the project was declared closed. After almost three years of development, him and the other main developer Graziano Liberati realized that it was almost unfeasible to continue the evolution and maintenance of the framework.

In the announcement the author explains the personal happenings that led to the shortage of time to spend on the project, together with the lack of new developers and economical donations that complicated its development. Moreover, he continues with a critic on the way PHP is being developed. In particular, the author believes that developing version 4 and 5 of PHP in parallel for three years was a really poor choice, that ruined the chances of PHP 5 to quickly gain the proper acceptance among developers and hosting providers.

The entire article is available at http://www.alessandrorossini.org/2007/11/15/znf-project-closes-why-i-abandoned-it-and-php/