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WAMP5 1.6.4 Just Released

By Romain Bourdon
on June 19, 2006

This new release of WAMP5 now includes the possibility to limit access to your server from outside users. A new link in the WAMP5 menu allows you to switch from offline to online.

When offline, only localhost (your computer) can access to your server, and a small lock appears in your WAMP5 icon.
When online, your server can be accessed by everyone, and the lock disappears.

I have also secured phpmyadmin and sqlitemanager which can only be accessed by localhost (you can change this by modifying the alias).

Applications have also been updated (MySQL 5.0.22, Apache 2.0.58, phpmyadmin 2.8.1) as well as PHP4, MySQL administration and
Zend Optimizer add-ons.

You can directly upgrade from versions 1.6.x.

For more information, visit the website at: