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PHPDoc v2.3.5 released

By christian calloway
on August 10, 2001

Hi everyone,

I released a new version of PHPDoc, 2.3.5, and is a major update over previous releases. PHPDoc can now parse multiple class definitions in a single file. For anyone that doesnt know, PHPDoc is documenting tool, that converts PHP code to Java syntax, and then hands that result over Javadoc. What this means is, instead of trying to copy Javadoc’s functionality, PHPDoc actually uses Javadoc for the creation of docs. This means all of Javadoc’s power and options are available to use on our PHP code. And since PHPDoc’s only job is to parse and convert PHP code, the program has an extremely small footprint (only 73kb). You can get it at www.callowayprints.com/phpdoc

Thanks everyone,