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About PHPBuilder

At PHPBuilder, you’ll find an active community of developers at all stages of their careers and educational backgrounds. From experts who have been building PHP applications and tools for years to brand-new PHP students who are at the beginning of their coding journeys, here you’ll find people who are excited about PHP and eager to help others as well.

No matter where you are in your PHP “journey,” you’ll find resources and recommendations designed to help you master this important coding language and begin creating valuable projects with it.

About PHP

Do you know what PHP is? It’s a scripting language that skilled developers can use as a server-side platform for web development. PHP usually is installed on a host server, and helps run PHP-based tools for visitors to specific websites.

What can you do with PHP? Combined with HTML, the markup language that gives structure and basic content to websites, PHP can help you add a wide variety of functions to any website. For example, PHP is a great coding foundation for a customized shopping cart application for an e-commerce website.

You could also use PHP to create a project management tool that covers task management, collaborations, scheduling, and more for yourself or a team of users involved on a project. PHP can also help you develop your own Facebook-based application.

And you could combine a knowledge of CSS and PHP to create your own custom, premium theme or plugin for a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

The PHPBuilder Site

PHPBuilder offers two main components for its users and community members.

First and foremost, PHPBuilder is a learning resource for PHP coders and students. If you’re new to PHP, you’ll almost certainly appreciate beginning your journey here with our Getting Started guide. Here, you’ll find a series of quick written how-to guides on working with PHP and links to download and instructions on installing the necessary software

You’ll also find In-depth articles on architecture, HTML/CSS, PHP functions, and more. Moreover, we maintain a library of PHP code snippets you can browse and experiment with, as well as contribute to.

Finally, you can browse our archived library of tips and pointers from more seasoned PHP developers including hacks and scripts.

Essentially, PHPBuilder is half valuable coding resource, half energetic user-centered community. We have what you’ll need to learn any aspect of PHP coding. From “absolute beginner” to “seasoned expert,” and everything in between, you’ll almost certainly find something to help you in your quest to master PHP.

The PHPBuilder Community

The second half of our website is our active user forum. It’s an energetic, vibrant digital home for people who are just as passionate and dedicated to learning more about PHP coding as you are.

To get started in our PHPBuilder forum, just sign up for a free user account on the forum home page. Next, review carefully our PHPBuilder Community Guidelines. It’s essential to understand what you can and cannot do, and what we expect from our users in the way of behavior and content contributions.

After you’re familiar with our guidelines, browse the various boards to get a feel for how different topics and subjects are organized in our message boards. Once you feel comfortable, jump in and introduce yourself. You’ll find yourself making friends and improving your PHP skills in no time.

Ultimately, it’s our goal to make PHPBuilder the “go-to” resource for PHP developers and students. As a result, we want to encourage all users to reach out to us with any feedback to help us improve our resources, forum, and website in general.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with suggestions for improvement below!