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Getting Started With PHP

By PHP Builder Staff
on March 2, 2012

Getting started with PHP is no walk in the park. It’s a challenge just like any other programming language. When I was starting with PHP in December of ’98, I spent nearly 25 hours just trying to get PHP to compile on my LinuxPPC box. When that nightmare was over, I decided I better try to help others who were also struggling to learn this kewl and powerful open source tool.

This page is going to be a work-in-progress. A place where I can answer very simple questions for the beginner and show very rudimentary PHP concepts. It’s not going to answer all your questions, and it’s not going to help everyone.

For the most part, you should still search the forum, mailing list, and manual using the box in the left column. If you’ve done that and you are still stuck, then post a message to the Support Forum or the mailing list.

Quick How-To’s