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PHP 5.3 Framework Lithium Now Backed by Engine Yard

By Glen Kunene
on July 5, 2012

Engine Yard has expanded its support for PHP development by sponsoring the Lithium PHP Framework, less than a year after the company acquired PHP Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) vendor Orchestra.

What differentiates Lithium from established PHP frameworks such as CakePHP and Zend Framework is that Lithium was built from the ground up to leverage the new features in PHP 5.3. In his Developer.com article, Lithium PHP Framework Now Fueled by Engine Yard, Sean Michael Kerner details the sponsorship, the framework and its future.

He includes quotes from his conversations with Engine Yard VP of Operations Bill Platt and former CakePHP co-lead and recent Engine Yard hiree Garrett Woodworth.

Read the full article on Developer.com:
Lithium PHP Framework Now Fueled by Engine Yard