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BadBlue web server combines PHP and P2P

By Dave Minor
on February 25, 2002

BadBlue is a small, fast web server for Windows designed to be an easy way to set up a local PHP-serving capability. The new, free 1.6 release – http://badblue.com/down.htm – adds support for the Gnutella protocol: BadBlue can now leverage the large, diverse Gnutella network and also allow organizations to set up private networks inside or outside the confines of the firewall. With support for PHP and P2P, BadBlue is positioned to be an easy, fast tool for organizations and individuals to share business intelligence inside or outside the firewall.

Since BadBlue is a full-blown web server (i.e., it supports PHP, Perl and other CGI’s) – and its user-interface is entirely HTML-based – it can be completely customized and re-branded (the only Gnutella client that we know of that has these abilities).

BadBlue allows extensive customization of Gnutella connectivity options which can help you create private networks. And BadBlue’s extensive support of security options (access control, IP restrictions, “soft firewall” and logging) let you tightly restrict and monitor access to shared files.

Key Advantages of BadBlue for collaboration:

– Completely customizable interface: BadBlue’s user-interface is based on HTML… it can be completely “skinned” (re-branded) to meet your individual needs

– Full-blown web server: BadBlue can act as a stand-alone web server to make it easy to collect information, securely, from workstations. And because it supports PHP, CGI, etc., you can create an infinite number of cool, powerful applications

– Transmit MS Office files as HTML instantly: mark a DOC, XLS or MDB as “shared” and watch it get rendered into browser-friendly HTML automatically… this makes it easy for authorized users, other computers and web-crawlers (“spiders”) to read business-critical data

– Tiny: BadBlue is a very small download (approximately 240K in its default configuration) that installs files to only a single folder – that means it easy to install and uninstall, whenever and wherever you need it

– Secure: add access control (user/password protection), IP filtering, and “soft firewall” restrictions to protect your content and keep it safe

– Scheduling: a powerful scheduling engine is built into BadBlue… capture web pages or simply run commands whenever you’d like, even if you’re not around

BadBlue 1.6 also improves its web-serving capabilities:

– Better compatibility with Apache (honoring header location redirects automatically)

– Better security and protection against new browser exploits (special thanks to Strumpf Noir Society)

BadBlue’s been on TechTV several times, was selected as a ZDNet file of the day and mentioned in a variety of notable industry publications.

http://badblue.com (BadBlue site)
http://badblue.com/down.htm (Free download).