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VS.Php 2.3 for Visual Studio/Vista Released

By Jcx.Software Corp.
on June 15, 2007

VS.Php 2.3 for Windows Vista

Jcx.Software recently announced the release of VS.Php 2.3 for Visual Studio 2005, a PHP integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. VS.Php 2.3 adds support for Windows Vista and Visual Studio Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2005. New features are focussed on providing developers with the ability to work easily on existing PHP applications hosted on remote sites.

VS.Php 2.3 also upgraded the support for deploying local projects faster and more efficiently. It also added support for deploying files using FTP over SSL. Another key feature in VS.Php 2.3 is the ability to import projects from a remote server. The wizard lets the developer download the entire Php application from a remote server and allows working on the project locally. The developer can choose to deploy the files back to any remote server.

VS.Php 2.3 comes in four different editions:

– VS.Php 2.3 Standalone Edition
– VS.Php 2.3 for Visual Studio 2005
– VS.Php 2.3 for Visual Studio .NET 2003
– VS.Php 2.3 for Visual Studio .NET

For more information, visit the <A HREF=”Jcx.Software” target=”_blank” target=”_new”>http://www.jcxsoftware.com/”>Jcx.Software website</A>.