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TYPO3 3.6.0 Focuses on Standards Compliance in Latest Release

By Michelle Heizer
on May 4, 2004

ROLLA, Missouri, April 30, 2004 – Version 3.6.0 of TYPO3, an Open Source Content Management System based on PHP, has been published today. Major improvements include the implementation of XHTML compliant output of all standard content elements for creating Websites adhering to accessibility rules, complete UTF-8 support and a cleaned and documented core.
After 12 months, the new version 3.6.0 has been published by Kasper Skaarhoej and the core team of developers of TYPO3, a leader among the Open Source Content Management Systems.
An important new feature is the compliance of XHTML standards for all standard content elements, enabling adherence to accessibility requirements. For this purpose, a built-in CSS Wizard has been completed, which allows for creation and maintenance of totally customized Stylesheets without third-party software and transfer of data.

Version 3.6.0 also introduces database abstraction, which allows for the possibility to employ other RDBMs than the previous limitation to MySQL. All database systems supported by AdoDB or PEAR::DB can be integrated, implementation of PostgreSQL and Oracle 9i are underway. The improved architecture also permits the usage of multiple databases in one TYPO3 system and storage and retrieval of data to and from XML files. More supported database systems will follow shortly.
Additionally the system, which has been available since 2000, has undergone a major overhaul of the structure and quality of the source code, including a complete documentation of core functionality. This enables developers to integrate modules even more efficiently.
More improvements include a new API for text editors as an alternative to the existing Internet Explorer-dependent Rich Text Editor, a possibility to define and store content elements with XML notation and full UTF-8 support throughout the system.
About TYPO3
TYPO3 is a small to medium enterprise class Content Management Framework. It is currently hosted on more than 36,000 servers worldwide (counted by IP address), close to 10,000 developers have registered to use resources on TYPO3.org, the community hub. More than 500 agencies are offering TYPO3-related services, with more than 1300 websites listed as references. The TYPO3 content management interface has been translated into 37 languages.
Press Contact
Michelle Heizer
United States TYPO3 Representative
[email protected]