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TinyButStrong: template engine for pro & beginners

By Skrol29
on February 25, 2003

TinyButStrong is a now a mature Template Engine.
It as several particularities and features.

If you don’t know what a Template Engine is for, I’ve got a page that explains it.

What’s special with TinyButStrong ?

It enables you to design your template using a visual HTML editor (like Dreamweaver or Frontpage). If you use textual editors, there is no problem anyway.

It facilitates the merge beacause it supports several data source types: MySQL, ODBC, ADODB, SQL-Server and also PHP arrays (useful if you have a specific data source type).

TinyButStrong is a PHP object (class) with only 7 functions and 2 properties.

Main features :

– cache system,

– conditional display,
– multi-column display,
– page-by-page display,
– file inclusion,
– select a value in a list,
– script execution,

and more…

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