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TinyButStrong 1.80: templates ++

By Skrol29
on June 10, 2003

With this new version, TinyButStrong makes a big step forward in the technic of Template Engines.

News :

-> Connexion to any database type using custom functions.

-> Clone blocks:
They enables you to merge several blocks in one PHP command. The Sql query which returns the records can contain parameters for each block.

-> Conditional formats:
You can define a numeric format which is different as the value to display is positive, negative, zero or null.

-> Empty sub-blocks for multi-columns mode:
In the multi-columns mode, the cells at the bottom may be sometimes empty. Now, you can define a special block for those cells.

And there is some more new features.
Visit the Support page for more information.
There is also a forum for developpers.

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