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The June issue of php|architect is available

By Marco Tabini
on June 10, 2003

We’re proud to announce the publication of the June 2003 issue of php|architect, which is available for download from our website at http://www.phparch.com as of today.

Here are some highlights from the current issue:

– Agile Software Development with PHPUnit
Michael Huttermann explains how to help your next development project
succeed. Techniques from the popular Extreme Programming method are
covered, with an emphasis on test-driven development.

– Getting a grip on LDAP
This month, the Editor-in-Chief gets
technical about what LDAP is, what LDAP isn’t, and what makes it tick.
This is a gentler introduction targeting those who know how to deal
with data, but never had to get it from a directory service
implementation. Differences between a traditional DBMS and LDAP are
covered, combined with very bite-sized code snippets to get you started
on the path to LDAP enlightenment.

– Industrial Strength MVC
This month, Jason Sweat returns to
show you how to optimize your PHP code… by not writing so much of it!
By utilizing open source tools like Smarty and Phrame, and offloading
some work to PostgreSQL, you can develop enterprise applications in a
hurry, and gain the benefits of an MVC framework in your app with the
greatest of ease!

– Lucene
Dave’s back. Join our resident Java guy, Dave Palmer,
as he takes you down the halls of Lucene, a powerful Java search engine
API. See how you can painlessly add reliable search functionality to
your next PHP project.

– Tailoring WAP sites with WURFL
Andrea Trasatti cuts the
wires, and shows you how to use the WURFL project to create
cross-platform WAP applications, tailored specifically to the device
accessing it.

– Object-oriented Form Management With PHP (and an Eye on PHP5)

Marco Tabini explores the realm of HTML forms from the perspective of
object-oriented programming, and shows us that there’s more to form
management than meets the eye.</ul>For more information, or to check the new issue, visit http://www.phparch.com/issuedata/2003/jun!