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SteelBlue beats PHP at own game…

By Dan Turner
on November 22, 2000

It’s an open-sourced ColdFusion-like language that many users have stated is easier to use than PHP. Really. Yes, PHP is a pain to learn. That’s why this web site exists — if it were easy, there’d be no real need for a lot of newbie discussion.

SteelBlue is almost trivial in comparison. Try it, you might like it.

SteelBlue provides a true extension of HTML, automatic security enforcement and special abilities granted to user groups. In addition, HTML generation, data checking and resulting database interaction may be combined in a single SteelBlue script and more. The source is available at www.steelblue.com. No CGI programming experience is required, only knowledge of SQL and HTML.

Try it. It won’t bite, I promise.

(To the editor: I know this is outside what you would usually post. But we’ve gotten so many responses that it’s easier than PHP…we can’t really help but compare the two. Since they’re both free, there’s no real downside to posting…)

[ed: it’s a ludicrous assumption that because something is easier to learn, you will not need any documentation or a place to ask questions]