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SQL Maestro for MySQL 7.8 released

By Nikolay Kuznetsov
on August 31, 2007

SQL Maestro Group recently announced the release of SQL Maestro for MySQL 7.8, a Windows GUI solution for MySQL administration and database development.

New features include:

1. SQL Maestro for MySQL is optimized to work with MySQL servers with a small timeout.

2. Includes the ability to reorder columns for existing tables. It is also possible to reorder parameters for a stored procedure/function and reorder partitions (only for newly created tables).

3. It is now possible to cancel a long running query execution (MySQL 5) and data fetching (all MySQL versions).

4. The SQL Formatter for DML statements (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) is implemented. It can be invoked through the Format SQL link on the SQL Editor’s navigation bar (Ctrl+Alt+D shortcut). Also it is now used for view body formatting (MySQL stores such bodies as a single line)

5. Data grid: the editor for ENUM fields displays a lookup list with enumeration values.

For more information, visit the SQLMaestro’s News page at: