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SIMIAN systems Releases Leading Search Utility in PHP called SiteSearch

By sitellite
on June 25, 2004

SIMIAN systems Inc. Releases Leading Search Utility in PHP called SiteSearch

Canadian software company SIMIAN systems Inc. releases SiteSearch Professional Edition. SiteSearch Pro is touted to be the most advanced PHP based search engine available.

WINNIPEG, MB, June 21, 2004
— SIMIAN systems Inc. has released the highly anticipated PHP based website search engine called SiteSearch Pro. SiteSearch allows users of your website to search not only your web files, news stories and product database, but also any content from disparate file types that are saved on your web server including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, vCard, iCal, RTF, HTML, XML, MP3, and Photoshop (PSD) files. Custom types may also be added. Essentially, any file with text in it of any type may be spidered by SiteSearch allowing web masters the ability to offer a search utility to their website viewers to search a variety of files, and not just web pages.

Built in both PHP and Apache Lucene project, SiteSearch provides a documented XML-RPC API for integrating external applications with the SiteSearch query server. Also, search results can also be retrieved in RSS newsfeed format. This allows web masters using SiteSearch Pro to provide automatic “Related Forum Posts” or “Related News Stories” features on their website in one search page. SiteSearch can optionally search one website, or multiple websites, or even the entire internet using the Google database, all from one website.

Despite the fact that the server is a Java application, Simian Systems reports the client PHP classes require no special PHP extensions or configuration changes, since the two communicate solely through XML-RPC. Simian Systems Vice-President Josh Bachynski claims, This makes SiteSearch the easiest and most flexible dedicated search application available in PHP.

SiteSearch Pro is part of the Sitellite Content Management System. Sitellite and its creator Simian Systems, have been around since the turn of this century. Simian maintains an open-source CMS project of the same name as their main product: http://www.sitellite.org. The young company is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.