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Script GUI for PHP – PHP Scripts in Windows

By Paul Slavic
on August 1, 2006

ZZEE has released Script GUI for PHP 1.0, a new PHP run-time solution for Windows XP/Server 2003/2000/ME. It enables PHP developers to run their scripts by double-clicking on a PHP file – the script will be loaded into the built-in browser with the correct URL.

Combining a browser, web server and one of the latest versions of PHP, Script GUI sets up in seconds and is ready to serve PHP files out of the box. User don’t have to install Apache or IIS, then separately PHP and then struggle with settings connecting the things together.

Script GUI for PHP costs $39(US) for a single user license with free upgrades. For more information and to download a trial version visit the ZZEE web site at http://www.zzee.com