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Roadsend releases Roadsend Compiler 1.1.0 with Windows and FreeBSD support

By Shannon Weyrick
on September 21, 2004

Roadsend Compiler for PHP produces optimized stand alone applications, libraries, and Web applications from standard PHP source code. The compiler produces native machine code, not PHP byte code, so no interpreter is required. It is a new implementation of the PHP language and runtime environment compatible with Zend PHP 4.3.x. It does not share any code with the open source PHP implementation.

This new public beta release supports Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, and many flavors of Linux. This release marks the debut of Roadsend Studio, an IDE for Windows and Linux that integrates editing, compiling, and debugging PHP projects with the Roadsend Compiler.

There were also many bug fixes and updates to the core runtime and compiler from 1.0

No registration is required to participate in the beta. Visit http://www.roadsend.com for more information.