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Roadsend Compiler Studio 1.4 with GTK support

By Shannon Weyrick
on December 14, 2004

Roadsend is pleased to announce version 1.4 of the Roadsend Compiler for PHP

The Roadsend Compiler for PHP lets you create royalty free executables for distribution without compromising your source code. Compiling PHP to native machine code produces faster products for your own use or for sale to your clients. The Roadsend Compiler reinvents PHP as a general purpose language suitable for creating GUI applications (with GTK), command line programs, dynamic libraries, and compiled web applications.

This release of the Compiler includes new features, including:

PHP-GTK support

Users of the Roadsend Compiler can now develop and compile PHP GUI applications for Windows and Linux using PHP-GTK.

Source Code Tagging

Allows the Roadsend Studio, or the development environment of your choice, to automatically complete variable and function names, and to jump to their locations in your project, saving valuable time.

Advanced Streams and Sockets

Advanced stream support (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and LDAP) and socket support is now available for Linux and Windows, opening up new possibilities for Roadsend Compiler users.

Roadsend Studio

We’ve also made improvements to the Roadsend Studio, our integrated development environment for PHP. New features of the Roadsend Studio IDE include:

Code Browser

Navigate your projects by browsing Classes, Methods,
Properties and Global Functions.

Symbol Searching

Right click on any symbol to open the source file and jump to the line where it’s defined.

Auto Completion

Obtain pop-up completion help for your methods and properties. The IDE examines your code as you work.

Parameter Help

Obtain pop-up parameter help for both built in functions and your own code.

Syntax Checking

The IDE will highlight syntax errors as you work.

The Compiler and Studio available in Enterprise, Professional, and Personal editions. Pricing starts at $89.

Please visit http://www.roadsend.com for more information.