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Repentant Microsoft re-issues Windows 7 tool as open-source

By Scott Clark
on December 11, 2009

Microsoft yesterday re-released a Windows 7 installation tool that it admitted included open-source code, and has posted the utility’s source code to its own open-source site.

The move came three weeks after Microsoft announced it had delayed the re-release of the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool (WUDT) because the software needed additional testing. At the time, Peter Galli, Microsoft’s open-source community manager, said that WUDT would be re-issued in the “next few weeks.”

Earlier in November, Microsoft pulled WUDT after blogger Rafael Rivera accused the company of lifting code from the GPLv2-licensed “Imagemaster” open-source project. Rivera, who writes the Within Windows blog, said Microsoft compounded the problem by not acknowledging the source of the code embedded in WUDT, and by not sharing the source code for its modifications, or for the tool itself, to the project — as required by the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License).

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