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QuickPHP 1.0 – A PHP Development Web Server

By Zach Saw
on July 23, 2008

QuickPHP version 1.0 was recently released. QuickPHP is a PHP development web server, much like Visual Studio’s ASP.NET development web server, for quickly testing PHP during development.

QuickPHP has been released as freeware as the intent of developing this application is solely to benefit the PHP community.

This initial version has several configurable options:
1) Port number
2) Max PHP execution time
3) Web server’s root directory
4) Default document

As the goal of creating QuickPHP is to get it working as a PHP web development server which can be invoked from any IDE (Visual Studio, Borland Developer Studio, CodeGear RAD Studio etc.), the next version will support command line startup.

This utility is an ideal complement to VS.Php.

For more information, visit the QuickPHP website at:

Feedback and feature requests are always welcome.