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PRADO version 3.0.0 is released

By Qiang Xue
on May 23, 2006

PRADO version 3.0.0 was recently released. The new version of the PRADO framework represents a full-fledged component-based and event-driven model for Web programming in PHP 5. With the set of components provided in PRADO, you can compose Web pages and applications that are interactive. PRADO does not prevent you from using your favorite class libraries, such as PEAR, AdoDB, etc.

Version 3.0.0 is a complete rewrite of the well-adopted version 2.x, with the main focus on performance, reliability and flexibility. Every byte and millisecond is counted when the code is written; significant amounts of unit tests and functionality tests are constructed to ensure the quality, and nearly every piece of code is customizable or replaceable by users.

Main Features of PRADO

* Object-oriented and highly reusable code
* Event-driven programming
* Separation of presentation and logic
* Configurable and pluggable modular architecture
* Feature-rich Web components: HTML input controls, validators, datagrid, wizard, etc.
* Built-in support of internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N)
* Seamless Ajax support
* Customizable and localizable error/exception handling
* Multiway message logging with filters
* Generic caching modules and selective output caching
* Extensible authentication and authorization framework
* Security measures such as cross-site script (CSS) prevention, cookie protection
* XHTML compliance

PRADO version 3.0.0 is freely available at http://www.pradosoft.com/