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PRADO v3.0 alpha version released

By Qiang Xue
on January 23, 2006

PRADO 3.0, alpha version, is now available for download.

PRADO is component-based and event-driven for developing Web applications in PHP 5. Developing a PRADO Web application mainly involves instantiating prebuilt component types, configuring them by setting their properties, responding to their events by writing handler
functions, and composing them into pages for applications.
PRADO is very similar to ASP.NET in many aspects.

Version 3.0 is a complete rewrite of PRADO framework. It comes with many new features with the main focus being extensibility, stability and efficiency. For a complete list of new features, visit our project website at:

Version 3.0 alpha is mainly for preview purpose. It is not fully tested yet. Please be aware, we are not committed to maintain backward-compatibility for this alpha version, although it is unlikely to have significant changes in the upcoming formal release.

PRADO 3.0a can be downloaded from SourceForge at:

– PRADO Developer Team