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phpReview goes Beta

By Hans Wolters
on May 10, 2001

phpReview, the application that is aiming to provide you a webreviewing system with a wider meaning is going beta.

All the functionality is in it, a template sytem, authorization, a forum, etc… Currently we are working on documentation to bring this application to a stable version and we could use some help on this.

* We are looking for people to submit serious reviews for all kinds of IT related books.

* The application provides native language support for English, German and Dutch. We would love to have more languages like Spanish, Portugees, etc…

* Documentation writers, any help would be appriciated.

* Coders, well, this app is not only a bookreview application, we started coding this to be a general reviewing application. Books, Movies, Music, Software, Hardware, etc… imagination is your limit.

If you still have some spare minutes to look at the project then please do….


the phpReview team.