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PHPortal version 0.2.7 released!

By Michael Glazer
on January 13, 2003

I am pleased to announce the release of PHPortal version 0.2.7 beta.

This is a major enhancement release with over 15 changes.


Sourceforge project:

Developer’s live/demo site


1. Template Compiling Option.

	$t->COMPILE = true; 

	$t->COMPILE = false 

a ‘c_templates’ folder is required within the core ‘tpl’ class directory that is chmod 777 (writable) if FTP is not enabled.

2. vhost new object type can make a folder into a unique domain for multiple website hosting and maintenance via one administration folder.

Depedencies: Requires a master.php file wthin the apps/sites/cfgs directory that is used for all vhost objects.

BUG: man.xpc access from a vhost domain not available yet must go through the master.php file domain.

3. Object insatiation Caching

Deficiencies: All libs must be loaded now before the session is started so if you start a session with a app lib you must name it and the app must out and die or else the session won’t stick if it returns and then you must use cookies instead.

4. Updated HTML_TreeMenu now can be used for a pulldown menu and has been separated from main manage class. Most code has been segregated in preparation for custom management interfaces. This will be not just new html template sets but also modified functionality. the ability to use the core management classes with a new interface that is completely different or the same dependent on your needs.

5. Windows capable.

6. Localhost domain capable top-level domain not required anymore.

7. FTP class now can alternate between using file functions instead of ftp functions class should be renamed to ‘file.’

8. Configurations form uses the core ‘form’ class static form builder and processor object model.

9. Inline PHPortal object refences from within Document types can now reference objects with a space in its ID by using urlencoding space = %20.

10. PHPortal inline object reference tags used in document object types now use the prefix syntax of ‘_XPC:’ instead of ‘XPC:’ the underscore enables both XML and WYSIWYG Html Editor viewing. This is still optional in this release for backwards compatibility.

BUG: In the PHPortal Method Object type an enlcosed tag even with the new prefix syntax still has issues (not visible within WYSIWYG html editor). The Html WYSIWYG Html Editor now does not display Html document header tags (i.e. ‘html’, ‘ head’, ‘meta’, ‘body’ … ) Editing html headers or XML within the default WYSIWYG Html Editor is not recommended.

NOTE: If editing a PHPortal Document with XPC inline object reference closed tags ( no open tags) remember to save the your edits from the source view.

11. Removed the xpcMethods and Load_lib method name aliases from the PHPortal ‘gate’ core class now must use Meth or Lib.

12. New central and local help system.

13. New optional DB caching of select statement recordsets.

14. Database Caching Option.

		$s->set_cache ( true ); 

		$s->set_cache ( false ); 

The return of the $s->sql_execute function will be a multi-dimensional array and you will not have to use a sql free result or fetch array. To get the number of rows use the PHP function ‘count.’

Depedencies: a ‘cached’ folder is required within the core ‘sql’ class directory that is chmod 777 (writable) if FTP is not enabled.

15. FTP not required can now use file system functions for writing to directories yet they will then have to be made writable manually. Which is less secure than the FTP methods which doesn’t leave wrtiable directories.

16. All of a container object’s attributes are now included with the ‘top_’ prefix for the $x->obj_data[‘attr’] array.


1. Undo Panel

2. Find Panel

3. Owner Panel

4. Add / Delete Product

5. Version Integration

6. Access Rule

7. Define Access Permissions

8. News App Object Type

9. Local User Roles

10. Import/Export Folder Hierarchies and Misc. Properties.

11. Management left nav object tree folder object custom folder icons