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PHPortal version 0.2.4 released!

By Michael Glazer
on September 29, 2002

PHPortal version 0.2.4 released!


Sourceforge project:

Developer’s live/demo site


1. Site user/role Management Versioning.
Usefull to change many objects within the management and only commit their changes as a whole when you are ready.
Changes made within a version are not apparent to end users outside of the management interface.

2. Global sites and site apps table (maybe even a user apps method)

3. First release of last builtin App, News.

4. Improve the PHPortal Application Builder Object Model and application tool.



1. New GPL FSF approved license, I am now using the ZPL 1.0 license.

2. I have added a internal security check method.
This is a new Xpc Method (SecMethPermChk) which allows for internal security access checks.

3. Added a PHPortal method that can be used to restrict PHP vars and funcs used within the PHPortal Method Object.

4. Fixed the Document Parser ‘eregi’ to allow for spaces before the close tag.

5. Added a PayPal sunscription model and software download option to the Members App.
The PayPal hook-in comes from a members App cross-pollination and core user class tie-in.

6. I have setup a PHPortal demonstration site (http://demo.phportal.org/) to be used to see how the PHPortal management interface looks like and works in a highly restricted and minimal manner.