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phpCodeGenie 3.0.2 Released – PHP/Database Code Generator

By Nilesh Dosooye
on December 14, 2004

phpCodeGenie3.0.2 Released

phpCodeGenie (PCG) is a PHP Code Generator for database driven applications. PCG can talk to different databases and generate entire applications for you. While the core version generates mostly PHP code, phpCodeGenie can be modified via user plugins to generate code in any programming language.

PCG will build data entry forms, insert scripts, database lister scripts, edit record forms, update record scripts, delete confirmation scripts, delete scripts, search forms, search scripts, and other frontend/database interaction code. Basically, it provides a basic code base which you can build upon.

phpCodeGenie also features a php application development framework – The PCG Framework.

Downloads and more information can be found on the project page at