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phpBenelux 2010 Conference Announced

By Scott Clark
on September 25, 2009

Stefan Koopmanschap has let us know that the first phpBenelux conference (happening in 2010) has been announced!

“The phpBenelux team is very proud to announce the first edition of the phpBenelux Conference. On Saturday January 30th, we will be hosting this first conference in Antwerp, Belgium. The day will be filled with great content, great people and lots of fun!”

Their Call for Proposals is open too – they’re looking for talks that are about an hour long and are related to PHP on things like CMSs, frameworks and general programming topics. The CfP will last until October 31st. The speaker package includes conference admission, some hotel night(s) stay and a speaker dinner.

Visit their site at http://www.phpbenelux.eu/en/phpbenelux-conference-2010-announcement for details on the conference.

Originally published on http://www.phpdeveloper.org/news/13288