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phpBehind: proof of concept

By Marco Abis
on February 9, 2004

I’ve uploaded a working proof of concept of phpBehind, my little spare time project, at http://phpbehind.agilemovement.it/index.phpx

It aims to help developers cleanly separate server side code (PHP) from client side code (HTML, Javascript, everything else). I know there are already a lot of projects/tools/frameworks which try to do the same thing but while they are great piece of code I don’t like their approach to the problem. Most of them fail to cleanly separate logic from presentation and/or require to do, in every single page, a lot of tasks not directly needed to solve the real issues, they need additional code just to let them work.

Code Behind of course isn’t a new idea, nor a Microsoft one, but I particularly like the ASP.NET way to it and that’s why I’ve started this little project: to let me adopt a Code Behind approach in PHP similar but not identical to ASP.NET.