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PHP Object Generator 2.0.1 released

By Joel Wan
on May 23, 2006

PHP Object Generator, (POG) is an open source PHP code generator which automatically generates tested Object Oriented code for your PHP4/PHP5 application. Over the years, we realized that a large portion of a PHP programmer’s time is wasted on repetitive coding of the Database Access Layer of an application simply because different applications require different objects.

POG saves the PHP developer time by generating tested and efficient PHP Objects. The programming pattern behind POG is Object-Relational Mapping also known as Active Record or Persistence Layer. Above all else, the generated code has been designed to be extremely clean, easy to understand and use.

Put simply, whenever you’re programming with PHP and a database, POG can help to accelerate your development. POG generates PHP classes which map to tables in your database. The database used can be any one of the following: MySQL, Firebird, SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL.

For more information, visit the PHP Object Generator web site: