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PHP Licensing/Software Distribution System Released

By David
on March 28, 2005

Olate is pleased to announce the release of its flagship software – a PHP software licensing and distribution system. The application, called iono, allows software developers to sell their products and continue to manage the licenses after they have been sold.

By pasting a small amount of code into their programs, developers can ensure that the license the customer has purchased is valid. This allows time expiring licenses and
checking that the product is running on the correct server. The ultimate aim of this being to prevent piracy and ensure developers have the incentive to continue writing great programs.

To accompany the release, Olate have partnered with ionCube, the industry leaders in PHP Encoding technology. The ionCube Encoder allows developers to protect their source code from unauthorised access and is ideal for use with iono.

More information can be obtained at http://www.olate.co.uk/iono