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PHP Cross-Platform Development

By Stefan Priebsch
on September 29, 2002

One of the big sources of trouble in cross-platform PHP development is the absence, presence and value of certain global (or superglobal) variables of PHP. Greatly depending on the PHP version, configuration, Web server and API used, writing cross-platform scripts without testing up in many different PHP configurations is almost impossible.

e-novative has set up a free online service that collects the phpinfo output of different PHP versions and configurations on different platforms. For the benefit of the PHP community, we’d like to ask YOU to participate and upload your systems phpinfo output.

We hope to see the repository grow fast to become a useful source of information for all PHP developers. So visit http://php.e-novative.de now!

All developers are welcome to benefit from the repository. For more information, comments or if youd like to participate in further development, please contact [email protected].