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PHP and MySQL-based Drag Drop Site creator released

By Gregory Teck
on March 10, 2005

SQLFusion, LLC recently released a new version of their online web site builder, Drag Drop Site creator( http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com ). This web-based tool targets hosting resellers who want to provide customers with a web site creation tool without having to install the software themselves on a dedicated server. This new version can be offered even if the reseller’s hosting supplier does not include a web site builder with their hosting packages.

The existing product line includes install versions of the online site builder for hosting companies and ISPs. The new version offers expanded options, allowing any web hosting reseller to offer Drag drop site creator to their customers in a transparent fashion, with no installation required.

Hosting resellers manage their customers accounts using a reseller-specific online control panel, which includes advertising tools, rebranding and site builder support tools. Hosting prospects register using an automated system reached from the reseller’s web site and they are given a free 10-day trial period to use the software and create their web site. The resellers provide hosting for the finished web sites. Websites are transfered by FTP to their hosting account.

More information may be found on http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com