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Ovidentia MP Released

By ovidentia
on October 28, 2003

Ovidentia is a web based application distributed under the General Public License (GPL) license. It offers powerful content management and collaboration capabilities to easily and quickly deploy online community portals.

Ovidentia MP’s new functionalities strengthen the relationship and cohesion between collaboration and content management. They include :

– Versioning in the File Manager
– Unlimited levels in the content taxonomy (categories, topic categories, …,topics, articles)
– New WYSIWYG editor with ability to link multiple entities within the site (Articles, FAQ, Files, Directories, Contacts)
– Ability to create a Delegate Administrator
– Updated search engine with advanced search throughout the portal’s entities: articles, comments, FAQs, files (meta data), directories, contacts, notes, calendars, forums
– Major evolution of Ovidentia Markup language (OvML) bringing new powerful functions to personalize your site and users’ experience

With over 12,000 users registered on http://www.ovidentia.org, Ovidentia is widely distributed and more than ever the solution of choice for your intranet, extranet and online community portals.