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Open-source culture at heart of Oracle deal

By Scott Clark
on November 30, 2009

In many ways, MySQL embodies the ideals of the populist software movement known as open source, in which a programs creator releases it to the world for free and legions of volunteers contribute improvements that are also freely shared.

The start-up company came out of nowhere, building a database application beloved by vibrant, young Internet companies. Logging in from homes scattered around the globe, its workers seemed more a part of a virtual commune than a corporate Borg, and they relished taking on proprietary software giants like Microsoft.

But like most open-source companies, MySQLs sales, tied to support deals, never matched the astronomical number of downloads for its product, about 60,000 a day. In January 2008, the founders decided to sell the company for $1 billion to Sun Microsystems. And this year, Sun agreed to sell itself to Oracle, which makes database software aimed at larger companies and tougher jobs, for $7.4 billion.

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