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Open source bugs fixed quicker than commercial software

By Scott Clark
on December 11, 2009

Open-source code is more prone to severe flaws than commercial software, but bugs get fixed more quickly, according to revealing new research from application security firm Veracode.

V3.co.uk gained exclusive early access to the vendor’s Open Source Ratings Database project, a centralised repository of open source security ratings which includes analysis of around 100 popular enterprise applications including Firefox, Apache, MySQL and JBoss.

The latest findings from the project rated just 24 per cent of open-source software as meeting an “acceptable level of security”, and commercial software marginally worse with 23 per cent.

The stats also revealed that 23 per cent of open-source and just five per cent of commercial software contained at least one high severity flaw.

Read the whole story at http://www.v3.co.uk/v3/news/2254833/open-source-bugs-fixed-quicker