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NuSphere PhpED IDE 3.3.2 for Windows with support for PHP5 is released

By Natalie
on September 9, 2004

NuSphere announces the availability of NuSphere PhpED IDE 3.3.2 for Windows with support for the latest version of PHP5. The package includes now the debugger module for php 5.0.1.

NuSphere PhpED IDE is a professional integrated development environment intended mostly for building web-applications using php scripting language, although a lot of other popular languages such as HTML, Perl, Javascript, Python are supported. PhpED is a robust code editor, powerful php debugger and profiler – all-in-one. It also includes integrated database and CVS clients and SOAP services tool. Version for Linux is also available.

The main features of PhpED include:
—Advanced, efficient and highly customizable EDITOR with support for object-oriented coding. Code highlighter, user-defined shortcuts, brace matching, context-sensitive auto-indent, code completion and much more.
—Sophisticated PHP DEBUGGER. Debugger module for the latest php version 5.0.1 is included in the package.
—PHP PROFILER. PhpED profiler shows executing time for each line, function or module of the code with tenth milliseconds precision. All the bottlenecks in the code are located quickly and efficiently.
—Project-wide CODE ANALYZER in PhpED IDE shows all php classes, methods, properties, functions and variables in every detail.
—Enhanced project management and deployment. Support for FTPS (TLS/SSL) and WebDAV/HTTPS (SSL) protocols make deployment and data transfer secure.
—Unique HELP SUBSYSTEM. Well designed PHP, HTML, MySQL, PostgreSQL and CSS manuals are included.
—Integrated MySQL and UltraSQL/PostgreSQL clients. Connect to a database directly from the IDE.
—Integrated CVS client. Review changes in old versions of a source files to track bugs while working on the same project in a team of developers.
—NuSOAP Wizard. Easily build professional web services in PHP using NuSoap library.
—Enhanced integration. Integrate PhpED IDE with 3rd party tools like PHP encoders, formatters or HTML validators. PhpED IDE includes a number of pre-configured tools like PHP documentor, HTML Tidy and CVS client.
—Support for international character sets, including UTF-8. PhpED IDE can be used to create web sites in different encodings.

The product is available for evaluation here http://ww1.nusphere.com/web/
Detailed information about PhpED IDE can be found here http://www.nusphere.com/products/index.htm
Technical support services available here http://ww1.nusphere.com/support/

About NuSphere
NuSphere Corporation, a business unit of Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS), provides integrated software solutions for web development. The flagship product of NuSphere is PhpED Integrated Development Environment, one of the few commercial software tools made especially for work with PHP scripting language. The company also offers a unique database server NuSphere UltraSQL, which is a true native Windows port of PostgreSQL database. Additionally, NuSphere provides Technology Platform, a free package of open-source components essential for web development. In includes pre-configured up-to-date stable versions of Apache web server, PHP and Perl.