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NeXTensio 2 tNG final version

By Cristian Dorobantescu
on June 26, 2003

InterAKT has released the final version of NeXTensio 2 tNG – a complete reimplementation that relies on the core features of the InterAKT Transaction Engine (tNG). As compared with the older NeXTensio version, we have reimplemented all the commands and server behaviors, to take full advantage of the new features in the InterAKT Transaction Engine (tNG).

Changes from NeXTensio1.6:
–Redesign of the way you can edit generated NeXTensio Lists and Forms. NeXTensio 2 allows you to add/remove or update a specific field column or row, leaving the rest of the page untouched
–Improvement of the UniFORM concept to increase the ease of use there is no longer a View mode for the form, but only an “Update” mode
–Improvement of the way that NeXtensio Lists are filtered by adding new drop down and checkboxes contextual filters
–Redesign of the master detail concept in order to improve the user interface. Now a detail list can be also master for another list providing this way a convenient way to implement cascaded mater-detail relations.

Complete New Features:
–You can now Multiple Delete records directly from NeXTensio List by select them with check boxes
–If you have a sort field for your table entries you can effectively change the order using the Record Sorter Server Behavior and Command.
–You can display a Row Counter for every list record.
–You can Check Credentials to authorize users to execute a transaction.
–You can Block Delete a selection with all the related SBs

See more on NexTensio 2 tNG at http://www.interakt.ro/products/NeXTensio/