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New Website Anti Leech Script, ALFG V2.9.2 release

By wei shi
on April 1, 2003

Anti-Leech-File-Gate V2.9.2 released


A.L.F.G is a sort of anti-leech technical, which mainly based on Browser Referrer
and Cookie checking technologies.

The advantage of A.L.F.G identifying to others is that A.L.F.G process file
requirement as a transparence file gateway, whereas other anti-leech technologies
need to cooperate with additional files. Also, A.L.F.G record every leech attempt
and traffic byte, those record and setting can be viewed or checked in a Integrated
console which come with the A.L.F.G.


Anti Leech

Inline file anti-leech(image,Adobe PDF etc.) or Download link anti-leech(zip,rar etc)
File Gateway mode
Support HTTP 206 partial request
Support large file transfer
Redirector mode
Custom target URL
Custom error page
Anti Leech Enhancer
Cookie check
Leech record
Leech site & count
Download count
Traffic count

Anti Leech Console

Password protect
Basic auto configure
Change/update setting
Download count (each / total)
Traffic count (each / total)
Leech report (short / long / count / saved bandwidth)
Secure sub-directory renamer

Demo & Download

Demo and download can be found at