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New features for PHP Web content management system

By Beth Strohbusch
on January 28, 2003

January 28, 2003, Amherst, NH Ektron today unveiled features that enhance flexibility and scalability of Ektron CMS200 and Ektron CMS300, including new support for Microsoft Active Directory and new load balancing functionality. Based on customer requests, Ektrons browser-based content management products will scale more readily for mid- and large-sized deployments, yet maintain the flexibility and affordable price points that make Ektron one of todays highest-volume CMS vendors.

As a leader in health technology services, our company must have a Web site that stays dynamic and fresh. With CMS200s new Microsoft Active Directory support, we can extend content management responsibilities beyond our current pilot group without the burden of managing separate login information, said Raj Anantharaman, senior Web development team leader at the worlds leading supplier of clinical and healthcare management information systems.

This company has enabled a limited number of users to manage approximately 2,500 content blocks in two languages. As we add users, we must ensure consistency in messaging, format, and tone, said Anantharaman. With Ektron, we can cost-effectively manage this. The people closest to the information will update their own content on the fly.

Organizations using Ektrons technology can manage users and user groups from Microsoft Active Directory to save time and enhance security via centralized user administration and single-point authentication. With Ektrons load balancing support, site assets (images, files, etc.) are uploaded to an Ektron-specific default directory, and to additional folders or servers according to load balance requirements.

Unlike most CMS vendors, Ektron offers a family of customizable solutions designed for quick deployment in various Web application server environments (ASP, ASP.NET, Macromedia ColdFusion or PHP.) With Ektrons component-based integration approach, Web developers decide where and when content management is delivered.

Ektron CMS200 offers word processor-like editing (via the market-leading Ektron eWebEditPro,) a robust permission model and multi-step workflow, along with international language support, metadata support, an API for user-maintained navigation, style sheet support, syndication, teaser display, Microsoft 2000-like administration, a Windows Explorer-like interface, and more.

Ektron CMS300, the first easy-to-use, browser-based XML content management system, offers all Ektron CMS200 features, plus capabilities that enable anyone to create XML using Smart Web Forms. By combining Ektron CMS300 with XSLT and XML schemas, organizations can strictly enforce content style and page layout, ensure content validity, and optimize content for reuse to various consumers or devices.

Ektron is the only company offering a family of affordable, standards-based CMS solutions for todays popular Web app server environments, said Ektron CEO Bill Rogers. This uniquely positions Ektron to deliver Web content management to the masses. We provide short-term ROI and a solid platform for the future. Organizations select features to meet current needs and, as necessary, readily expand to more robust capabilities.

Active Directory and load balancing features are available in enterprise editions of todays newly released version 3.1 of Ektron CMS200 and CMS300. Ektron CMS200 and CMS300 (enterprise priced at US$12,999 and $19,999 respectively) run on Microsoft Windows servers. For technical information, visit www.ektron.com.

About Ektron
A leader in delivering scalable, affordable solutions for Web content success, Ektron offers a range of flexible products that uniquely meet the needs of both Web developers and non-technical end-users. Worldwide, nearly 7,000 organizations rely on Ektron to solve real-world content authoring, publishing and management problems — for today and tomorrow.