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Navicat Oracle GUI Admin Tool – 8.1.2 Released

By samnav
on August 22, 2008

Navicat Oracle GUI Admin Tool is an Oracle administration and development which lets you create, edit databases, run SQL queries and connect to remote Oracle in an easier way. It features an intuitive GUI and offers visual tools such as a Query Editor with syntax highlight capability, SQL Preview, SQL Console, TEXT, Hex and BLOB viewer/editor, SSH Tunnel and more, to increase your productivity.

Also, Navicat provides a number of tools allowing to perform all the necessary database operations such as creating, editing, and duplicating database objects. It also offers a wizard system that simplifies your database development tasks and a graphical manager for setting the users and access privileges.

Navicat for Oracle can connect to any Oracle Database version 9i and later and runs on Windows and Mac OSX with remote connection capability. Navicat is also available for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

More information on Navicat for Oracle is available online at http://oracle.navicat.com