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Navicat ( MySQL GUI ) for Linux (version 5.0) is released.

By Ken Lin
on August 24, 2004

Navicat (MySQL GUI) for Linux (version 5.0) is released.

Navicat is a most popular MySQL GUI software for MySQL Database Administration. Navicat supports thousands of MySQL users in major Universities and Colleges. Navicat is also being used at over 2,500 corporations worldwide.

Free Trial version :

It supports KDE and GNOME. The new features of version 5 includes:
<li>Support MySQL 4.1 and MySQL 5.0 (stored procedure)</li>
<li>Support Foreign Key setting</li>
<li>Batch Job and Scheduling – You can create a schedule for Backup, Data Transfer or saved queries execution.</li>
<li>Filter Wizard in Table View Window</li>
<li>Duplicate Tables </li>
<li>Empty Tables </li>
<li>Execute SQL Batch file</li>

Official URL : http://www.navicat.com

Navicat Linux version : http://linux.navicat.com

Navicat Download URL : http://www.navicat.com/download.php3