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Navicat (MySQL GUI) 7.2.6 for Windows is now available. Supp

By Ken Lin
on October 11, 2006

Navicat (MySQL GUI) for Windows version 7.2.6 supports
HTTP Tunnel, Foreign Key Data Selection and MySQL version 5.X.

Free trial version (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux) –

New features:

1. Support of HTTP Tunnel

Enable [Use HTTP Tunnel] option to access MySQL Server through HTTP protocol. Upload the provided php file called [ntunnel_mysql.php] to the web server and enter the URL of the tunneling script.
[ntunnel_mysql.php] is available in installation directory of the program.

2. Support of Foreign Key Data Selection

Table Viewer supports to get available value from Foreign Key Reference Table.

3. Lastest MySQL versions support:

a. Compatible with any MySQL server version up to 5.x.
b. Support of Triggers.


1. Support of importing Oracle to MySQL.
2. Support of importing MS SQL to MySQL.

Free trial version – http://www.navicat.com/download.html

Navicat Animated Demo –

Navicat Support Center – http://support.navicat.com

Navicat Feature Matrix – http://www.navicat.com/feature.html