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MySQL in Oracles Hands: Open Source Users Weigh In

By Scott Clark
on December 10, 2009

With debate brewing about whether database, application and middleware giant Oracle should be able to obtain commercial open source database vendor MySQL, concerns about the proposed acquisition have a part to play in a predicted decline of MySQL use, according to a report by market research firm The 451 Group.

Oracle is presenting its case for the acquisition of Sun for approximately $7.4 billion, which brings Suns 2008 $1 billion purchase of MySQL into the Oracle fold, to European Union regulators tomorrow.

The 451 Group surveyed a segment it deems somewhat overlooked since the European Commission opened an investigation into the acquisitions competitive impact; 347 open source software users were surveyed to determine their attitudes on Oracle’s impending ownership.

MySQL is the most widely used database among open source software users, according to the report, used by 82.1 respondent of respondents. But its popularity is expected to decline, with 78.7 percent of respondents expecting to use it in 2011and 72.3 percent by 2014.

Concerns related to the proposed acquisition of MySQL by Oracle have a part to play in the predicted decline, according to the report. A substantial percentage of respondents are less likely to use MySQL if it is acquired, with 15 percent of open source users indicating a decrease in use and 14.4 percent of current MySQL users saying the same.

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