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MX Newsletter released, MX Templates revamped

By Cristian Dorobantescu
on June 18, 2004

To sustain the growth in this direction, we have dedicated a new team to the MX Templates department. This will assure that we'll be able to release more templates, in a coherent manner, to satisfy your needs for reusability.

MX Newsletter - send e-mails to your site registered users

Ever wanted to embed a newsletter system to your already built Dreamweaver MX site but no compatible applications were available on the market? Well, we've been there as well and this is why we ended up creating a new MX Template that we started to use internally - the MX Newsletter.

As our Marketing Department has reported great results in emailing our 40.000 registered users base, we decided to share it with the rest of the Dreamweaver community as one of the successful InterAKT products.

MX Newsletter has been created using our flagship extensions ImpAKT and NeXTensio to ensure the compatibility with Dreamweaver MX. This allows you to integrate and customize the look&feel of the template in any already built application.

It's ready to use: --The Template has an Integrated wizard for the easy creation of e-mail campaigns; --Saves Time because each newsletter can start from a pre-saved template; --Editable Topic/Topic Groups help you target the audience; --Campaigns can be created, prepared and sent using only from Web interface.

It's Dreamweaver MX compatible: --Easy to Customize with Dreamweaver and MX Kollection; --The Templates and the mail content can be edited visually using KTML 3; --Built with ImpAKT and NeXTensio, on the tNG core; --Easy to integrate in running websites.

It's reliable and has advanced features: --Rock-solid e-Mail sending process embedded in the wizard; --Tested internally for 40.000 registered users; the engine is built to avoid the usual PHP timeout errors; --Generates reports about a newsletter impact by counting the number of reads (for users that receive HTML e-mails).

Check the benefits list or visit the MX Newsletter homepage at http://www.interakt.ro/products/MXNewsletter/

MX Shop bugfix release

The great success of the MX Shop Template amongst our clients drove us to a new release that comes to fix all known bugs and improve the overall application reliability. MX Shop 1.0.2 comes to synchronize the PHP_ADODB and PHP_MySQL versions and has minor usability changes. The MX Shop is an e-commerce template that is most suitable for small and medium companies wanting to go online with minimum costs. It is easily customizable in Dreamweaver MX and has a complete set of features as any standalone shop solution. See the MX Shop demo - http://iakt.rdsnet.ro/demo/kartDemo/ - A complete online shop built using MX Kart and the MX Kollection. This template is ready for you to customize to match your needs!

MX Templates - the vision

After reaching 2000 clients for our Dreamweaver MX extensions, we thought we can do more to support the MX community. We decided to go further and create a complete set of tools for the Web developers: pre-built Dreamweaver Templates. They incorporate our extensive knowledge in creating ready made solutions and they use the already bullet proof MX Kollection extensions. The MX Templates is a set of pre-built applications, fully integrated in Dreamweaver MX, that will allow any MX developer to offer customized solutions at a very low cost. Main benefits: --You don't have to worry about the application design. Its already made by some of the best specialists in the field. --The templates can be customized for integration in any Dreamweaver MX application using the standard MX Kollection tools. --The time to market is extremely short: you just have to unzip the files in a site folder and modify the connection details. The new module is ready to use. --The code is bullet proof as it was generated with our best tools from the MX Kollection. --The templates are reusable within your sites (license restrictions might apply). We take the opportunity to announce the following future templates: --MX Survey - a powerful web survey manager, to help you edit, publish and analyze results of online questionnaires. --MX Stats - a suitable alternative for the site owner who doesn't have access to classic server log statistics. --MX Forum - a customizable message board easy to deploy in your sites. --MX Calendar - a template that will help you integrate a system to announce the future events to any Dreamweaver MX site. --MX Blog - a fully customizable blog template. --MX CRM - a ready made solution to better manage the clients requests. --MX FAQ - a simple FAQ management template. --MX Image Gallery - a solution to manage pictures galleries in a site. --MX Poll - deploy a standard poll to any site. --MX Banners - will allow the admin to manage the banners. --MX Portal - a complete Dreamweaver MX Content Management System. --MX News - communicate with your site visitors with ease. More about this at http://www.interakt.ro/products/application-templates.html