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MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL 1.4 is released

By Edward Smirnov
on January 5, 2005

The new version 1.4 of microOLAP Database Designer for MySQL has been released. Now it supports the new features of MySQL 5.x: stored procedures and functions.

What’s new:

[+] Added support of MySQL 5.x stored procedures and functions.
[+] Added reverse engineering of stored procedures and functions.
[+] Added stored procedures and functions manager that allows to change parameters of stored routines with easy.
[+] Support of “before and after object create” scripts was added. These scripts allow executing of custom SQL statements before and after generation of tables and functions.
[+] Ability to create multiple objects of the same type was added.
[+] Ability to set the number of diagram sheets for printing was added.
[+] Ability to add headers and footers to diagram pages was added.
[-] Column Editor: setting of integer fields size is corrected.
[-] Fixed bug occured on the Create Report tool launching.
[-] The table comments weren’t reverse engineered and generated.
[-] Fixed bugs in the print preview.

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