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KTML 3.1.6 – Lite and Full-version – released

By Cristian Dorobantescu
on January 21, 2004

KTML Lite 3.1.6 - Demonstrating the power of online HTML visual editing

This is the first demo release of the KTML3, a professional web editor that will help you edit web pages directly from your browser. This highly reliable tool works both from Internet Explorer or Mozilla/Netscape browsers, on Windows or Mac computers and with PHP, ASP or ColdFusion application servers. It's simply the best HTML editor you can get!

And even in this demo version it will bring a lot of value for your websites, as it includes:
-- web content management from its intuitive interface, using clipboard operations, font and size drop-downs, the bold, italic and underline options;
-- perform easy paragraph positioning and aligning, bulleted and numbered lists;
-- use intuitive color pickers, that support both direct selection and hexadecimal code use, for more rigorous design requirements;
-- embed into existing tables pictures or other tables;
-- upload images to the server through a user-friendly interface. New folders can be created to organize images by category;
-- upload files with an upload transaction which is completely safe, thus preventing the upload of potentially dangerous files.

Moreover, any programmer that uses KTML3 for websites created in Dreamweaver MX (for the PHP_MySQL, PHAkt2, ASP VB Script and Cold Fusion server models) will be able to use the powerful Server Behavior to visually customize the editor properties.

After you download KTML Lite, you can see our better alternative as the KTML3 full version here: http://www.interakt.ro/products/KTML/

KTML 3.1.6 - new bugfix release for the visual HTML editor

The current maintenance release of KTML3 is aimed at streamlining the web editing experience. We have tested this control thoroughly and striven to correct all known bugs for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Netscape.

Product improvements: -- Fixing problems with the pop-up upload image for ColdFusion;
-- Improved site location for relative links;
-- Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

See more about KTML3 here: http://www.interakt.ro/products/KTML/