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Komplete Lite released

By Cristian Dorobantescu
on April 1, 2003

Komplete Lite is a powerful open source Content Management System, best suited for individuals and small companies wishing to enrich their presence on the Web.

Komplete Publishing - Commercial Version is a flexible, easy to use, XML driven Content Management System based on the Krysalis Platform. It is designed for small or medium organization that need to publish dynamic content on the web.

Komplete Lite has some basic features which enables you to publish dynamic content on the Web in an easy, fashionable way, without any programming knowledge. You will be able to publish news, articles and photos in a completely editable structure and an user friendly environment.

Komplete Lite main features: --Easy site structure editing; --Integrated WYSIWYG editor for visual content editing; --Multiple layout support; --Easy nugget administration for content reuse; --RSS generator/importer; --Output caching; --Dynamic search integrated; --MySQL support.

Komplete Lite benefits: --Open Source - free usage, no other costs for client licenses; --Create a company site in hours instead of days; --The marketing department will be able to update the site; --The site will be easily adaptable to your look and feel; --Anyone can create a personal blog very easily.

See more about Komplete Lite and download it now at http://www.interakt.ro/products/KompleteLite/