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Komplete 2 released

By Cristian Dorobantescu
on February 10, 2003

Komplete Publishing is a flexible, easy to use, XML driven CMS based on the Krysalis Platform. It is designed for small or medium organization that need to publish dynamic content on the web.

This Komplete version relies on the outstanding Krysalis XML/XSLT platform that provides a great flexibility and scalability to the application. The new Komplete version has full DOM XML support to ensure a multiplatform operability, an improved online editor that will help users manage more easily the documents, new powerful template architecture and full multilanguage support.

Komplete uses page templates to provide a more organized method to administrate the application and to create a uniform page design throughout the site. Using templates the site content can now be fully separated from site's presentation and style layers. The application security has also been increased by implementing a complex user roles and rights system allowing a more centralized site administration.

New features:
--Powerful templating: -Administrators can define page templates thus giving the possibility to create templated pages; -Editors can now edit templated pages content directly in the frontend; -Cascading template modifications are possible (when a template is updated, it's automatically propagated in the currently edited pages).
--Full multilanguage support: -Define any known language; -Cascading content mirroring between languages.
--Powerful security features: -Advanced user roles management; -Flexible user rights management.

Notable improvements:
--upgraded the core to the Krysalis 2.1 version with full DOM XML support (200% performance improvement);
--improved online WYSIWYG editor - upgraded to the KTML 2.1 version (dynamic property introspector).

You can see a fully editable Komplete2 demo at http://komplete.interakt.ro/

Please take a minute of your time to complete an online survey and have the chance to win one Krysalis Professional license.

InterAKT has also changed the pricing policy for this new version making it more flexible and adaptive to your organization needs. Please contact us for more details at: [email protected]

See more on Komplete Publishing at: http://www.interakt.ro/products/Komplete/