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JPHP Lib. 0.5b

By Nicolas BUI
on September 17, 2002

Hi dear PHP friendly user 🙂

I’m please to announce the opening of JPHP Lib. web site.
JPHP is a 100% object oriented framework/lib for PHP. Using mimic of Java import system, JPHP provide an elegant way to organize your classes.

JPHP was designed to be reusable at max because its architecture use full of design pattern, encapsulation, Abstract class/Interface.

General and core feature of JPHP :

— java import mimic

— classes organisation and dependecies management

— 100% object oriented

— Extensible : Make use lots of Abstract/Interface like approches

— Dedicated to big and scalable project

— Easy to learn as it’s clear (using coding standard)

— make some jsp/servlet port easier

— Lots of cool and usefull class :

—-* CSV file management

—-* Database Layer Abstraction (java like)

—-* Data structure object

—-* Custmom Session and Context management

—-* Config file and multi config file reader

Applications beeing developped using JPHP 0.5b :

— JPHP 2.0a : an more optimised version with better code ehancement (avalaible soon)

— JPHP MVC Framework : using MVC design paradigm to create web application (le jphp web site already use it ! avalaible soon)

Please visit : http://www.jphplib.org