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ITema Releases Enterprise Service Bus for PHP Developers

By Chad Robinson
on July 30, 2007

ITema, Inc. this month released Blackbird, its PHP enterprise service bus (ESB), to the Open Source community under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Blackbird allows PHP developers to rapidly develop loosely-coupled software applications, allowing them to leverage PHP’s development speed and ease of use for application integration tasks. It also integrates easily with Apache ServiceMix by sharing a common message queue server, Apache ActiveMQ. This allows developers to mix PHP and Java components with minimal effort.

With its extensive collection of APIs, protocol handlers, and XML/string parsing routines, PHP is a natural choice for messaging environments. Blackbird further simplifies ESB development by providing a run-time container for components, configuration handling, metrics collection, and other support services that enable developers to focus on the truly unique tasks their code must perform. Blackbird may be deployed in minutes, and includes sample components that provide useful features and help developers learn to use the system quickly.

Blackbird is available for immediate download by Open Source developers from http://www.blackbirdesb.org/, and includes documentation and samples to make it easy for developers to get started. A commercial license that provides full support is also available.